Light sculptures

Afgelopen maandag kennis gemaakt met één vd Akari light sculptures by Isamu Noguchi. De 14A, in 1951 ontworpen door Isamu Noguchi. De lamp maakt onderdeel uit van de Compact Living show by Workshop of Wonders. De vloerlamp is 1 uit de collectie van de Akari Light Sculptures. De naam van deze design collectie betekent licht in het Japans. De inspiratie kreeg hij tijdens een bezoek aan de Japanse stad Gifu;...

Studio MEG. - Style by Meg Are you following my ? Last week I did a 5 part with inspiration from Salone di Milano / Euroluce Keep following and meet my passion for lamps, light and lighting that got a bit out of control.  Wonderful lamps, beautiful fixtures, facts and funny stories, designers and their inspiration, lamps with a history, lamps without words. And anything in between .... a 5 part – 12th century

Inspiration from Salone di Milano / Euroluce A closer look at the new “Ferai” lamps collection, created by designer Alberto Lago for Salviati. The inspiration behind these pieces of art is the Venetian illumination system of the 12th Century. Over 150 years of glass making knowledge and strong collaborations with international designers characterise a collection of timeless pieces of outstanding quality and design. Salviati today shows the ability to master... a 5 part – From The Structures

Inspiration from Salone di Milano / Euroluce The works From the Structures include the Mazha lighting system, which is inspired by the cross-shaped structure of the traditional Chinese 'mazha' seat. It comprises a series of modular lighting elements that can be extended indefinitely. The modules are suspended from thin wires that carry a 12-volt current to the tubular light fittings.  Two different configurations are possible, which allows the system to adapt... a 5 part – Zonca – baroque

Inspiration from Salone di Milano / Euroluce Laser cuts, baroque vibes, captivating Middle-East hues: see Damasco, the new Zonca international pendant lamp. Special preview during last weeks Milano Design Week. Damasco Lamp by Marco Zonca. Over a century of lights; the tailor-made innovation of Italy. At the precise moment when we open our eyes to the world, light enters our life as an element that envelops every moment with meaning.... a 5 part – ingomaurergmbh – paper curl

Inspiration from Salone di Milano / Euroluce  Thin as a paper scroll, Oop’sala curls and unfurls, carefully selected diodes light the table.  Oop'sala is a lighting object for the table lighting. At a length of 240 cm, it swings down from the ceiling. The parallel aluminum bands are bent by hand to form a dynamic circular figure. The result is the impression of a light-giving sculpture. The bands are matt...