Studio MEG. - - a silent landscape

And then I stepped into the tiniest showroom at #3daysofdesign ever. It showed a silent glass landscape with a million blown glass applications. 

The Bruma by Giopato & Coombes. A creative studio that brings together a design approach and art research into their projects, founded in Italy by Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes. 

Inspiration: A winter day, still and silent. A place suspended in time and space. A soft mist had arrived slowly, ending up enveloping everything around us. Hiding and revealing objects, shapes, lights, and shadows at the same time. Near and far had changed, as had the perception of space. The perspective depth had been transformed into a rhythm of overlapping planes, while the objects had become masses of misty air, to be glimpsed between the invisible and the visible. Letting these masses expand, to observe their interaction with voids and solids, working on their dimensionality.

In their studio, the design vision for Bruma came to life step by step. Experiments with wax and its dense forming shape, isomalt, a kind of sugar that looks like handblown glass, viscous compounds, and fluid masses of glass, all combined with research on edge lighting technology solutions. Working by hand, using cast glass technique and ‘pulegoso’ a unique Muranese artisanal technique that creates a myriad of little spotty bubbles inside the glass. All to create different modules of glass, in a semi-transparent slightly raw texture, like thin condensations of mist. Focusing on the spatial movement of the mist, for each composition they created a natural perspective rhythm, thanks to the choice of placing the thin glass modules at different heights.

It was as mystique as mist can be, I loved it.

Style by Meg, Marlies

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Marlies Huisman is interieur professional. Je kunt haar freelance inhuren. Een duizendpoot op het gebied van interieur en styling. Werkend tussen driedelig corporate grijs heeft ze haar passie voor stoffen, kleuren en materialen jarenlang vormgegeven. Niets is te gek, want met haar administratieve achtergrond en stylisten voorgrond, werkt ze zowel voor als achter de schermen. Liefst circulair en sustainable. Balancerend tussen sport, een goed glas wijn, lekker eten, gezin en familie, een sociaal leven, Embu & Toto haar geadopteerde olifantjes en een styling carrière. Op alles over stoffen, kleuren en materialen en op haar storytelling over lampen.

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