a 5 part – Lasvit – experiment with reflection a 5 part

Inspiration from Salone di Milano / Euroluce

When we talk about light, one can say that “you have to break it, to see it.” You only see things when light rays bounce or are reflected off them. Aura is the result of a long process of experimentation with reflections. The theory of light. Everyone can find themselves in Aura. 

Associate Professor of Light Diffraction Mária Čulenová picked the moon as an object for experimentation, because the moon is the best representative of light reflection phenomena in the universe. 

“You can’t look straight at the Sun, but you can watch its reflection on the surface of the Moon. I wanted to describe all the details of this figurative picture of the Sun and capture it in glass,” says Čulenová. 

Aura showcases the individual phases of the moon. The special ingredients in the glass batch give it a look that is reminiscent of the moon’s surface, with all its plateaus, arid seas, and craters. All the hand-blown pieces are set into the metal frame which evokes for the viewer the aura which forms around shining objects.

Style by Meg, Marlies

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Marlies Huisman is interieurstylist. Werkend tussen driedelig grijs heeft ze haar passie voor stoffen, kleuren en materialen jarenlang vormgegeven. Ze is verliefd op haar mooie dijkhuis en altijd op zoek naar inspiratie voor klanten en opdrachten. Balancerend tussen sport, een goed glas wijn, lekker eten, gezin en familie, een sociaal leven en een styling carrière. Hier lees je haar lampen belevenissen.

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